Wildlife Guards Story

Wildlife Guards (WG) is an upcoming “cool”, sustainable and caring brand on the market. Here at Wildlife Guards, our passion is dedicated to considering the environment, thus using “a fair production process” for quality and at the same time to provide a “slick” & “cool” fashion label. Our other passion is wildlife and wildlife conservation. We value and love the nature on our earth, and we think it’s worth it to save it and their animals living on it. Unfortunately many people don’t care. Our existence as a brand and others are many who are thinking and acting the same way.
Our ambition is to support those people fighting and working in the frontline.We will do this by establishing single projects, each focusing on an existing problem. We will donate money to organizations, sanctuaries or facilities, which are monitored and checked by our staff. These elements create the story and meaning for your piece in the fashion and for this brand. We encourage new member to join the team and convey a completely new meaning and opportunity to wear and enjoy fashion.

The Rhinoguard Project

RHINOGUARD is our first project.

This project is facing and existing problem in regions with Rhinos. Those animals are hunted to the death because of their horns. Poachers kill those animals to remove their horn and sell it to syndicates. There are people in this world using it as a medicine or even as an energizer. But actually scientists say there is no medical benefit. But it’s not easy like that. Rhinos are hunted to extinction, and this definitely has to stop!

We are a fashion brand with a good cause, this cause means we will support people working on the field helping to improve the situation in particular areas. That could be a Rhino Sanctuary for example. See more details on how much we donate and what facility exactly will benefit from it under the Beneficiary section.

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Rhino Death Counter

Rhinos killed in 2014
*These numbers only reflect SA
Rhinos killed already in 2015

Within this section, all the represented institutions below will receive
20% of our annual profits.

The SanWild Wildlife Sanctury


The SanWild Wildlife Trust works to conserve viable populations of critically endangered rhinos by supporting land acquisition in order to provide and establish well-protected wildlife reserves where rhinos can live in their natural habitats. They also support the acquisition, rescue, relocation and rehabilitation of any orphaned, injured or unwanted rhinos to well protected and approved wildlife sanctuaries. They facilitate the education, training, employment and deployment of counter poaching and K9 units that will ensure widespread benefits to rhinos and other endangered species. We work closely with relevant companies, private organizations and associated projects to ensure expertise and equipment to help build professional and highly specialized counter poaching units.


Sanwild Rhinosanctuary

SanWild Wildlife Trust IT 8147/00
Public Benefit Organisation
No PBO 930 013 787
Registered Non-Profit Organisation

To ensure…

that increasing number of rhinos are placed in safe and protected sanctuaries in a free ranging habitat so that such animals can contribute to the overall genetic viability of rhino populations in the wild.

To train…

equip and deploy highly specialized counter poaching and rhino protection units to safeguard rhinos in approved wildlife sanctuaries.

To enhance…

the integrity of ecosystems and the protection of all endangered species.

To ensure…

that local communities are educated on how they too can benefit from conservation activities.

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